Lloyds Bank Volunteers at The Bevern Trust

Along with our amazing staff, volunteers are what keep us going, our friends at Lloyds Bank regularly send a small work party to help us with all those things we struggle to get done. This year they helped us clean up the brick patios at the rear and front of the building. They spent a day scraping away, clearing leaves and tidying the grounds. The Lloyds bank team really made a difference and they enjoyed their time with us…we did bribe them with chocolate cake! Whether its your time or a donation it all helps to keep the amazing environment of our home: Bevern View.

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[gdlr_space height=”60px”] [gdlr_process min_height=”200px” type=”vertical” ] [gdlr_tab icon=”icon-rss” title=”Giving” ] If your company has corporate giving scheme or encourages staff to give back to the community through work with charities then give us a call.[/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab icon=”icon-flag” title=”Community ” ] Involving people on our local and the wider community supports our residents and brings our causes and campaigns for the profoundly disabled to a wider audience. In the end its about our residents, they need your help. [/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab icon=”icon-fire” title=”Ironing anyone?” ]From ironing to office admin you can help by volunteering, your money can go to directly support activities or general equipment, or you can help us fundraise for the minibus appeal, the sensory garden or a new activities extension. [/gdlr_tab] [/gdlr_process]

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