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At The Bevern Trust, our staff are the essential fuel that keeps things running, yes they are trained, professional and focussed but without their love, dedication, commitment and loving care we could not provide the amazing services or offer the opportunity for fun we know everyone with a profound disability deserves.

Our care staff deserve our praise and need your support, many of them give up their own time to give more.

At Bevern View,  our home in the Sussex countryside, we offer care, freedom and the opportunity to get more from life for the profoundly disabled. It is our belief  that our residents should have access to the best quality compassionate care, personal development and live a life that puts a smile on their face and leaves them with a sense of fulfilment. Every day our activities, communications, housekeeping, clinical, care-support and managerial teams work to ensure we offer the best services and the most interesting fulfilling activities. That’s where the staff come in.

The Bevern Trust, as a charity, needs your help, not just to ensure we offer the best in compassionate care, or that our home provides a fulfilling life for our residents, or that our research and development looks into services to support the families of people with profound disabilities, but because together we can change peoples lives.

The Bevern Trust ‘s message is that everyone with a profound disability has a success story to live. To make a difference to the lives of the residents of Bevern View and the people who work there we want to be able to continue to provide a living caring environment where the residents are at the centre of everything we do. So we need your help, for just £10 per month you can make the difference.

We want you to know your donation will mean a lot to our staff and the people they care for.


Funds will be applied at the discretion of the Trustees in accordance with the aims of the charity.

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