Boring storage at Bevern View

Boring storage? You might think so, but it has been long awaited and helps us keep the home clear and equipment in good order. Allowing us to focus on the people we care for.

After securing funding and planning permission for building a storage unit in 2013, we are very pleased to see this has now been completed by Geoff Bonner and Sons. The work has gone well and finished on time.This means the temporary blue storage container can be removed in April and clear the area where we are planning our sensory garden.

We now have a warm, dry and secure unit to store vital equipment for residents. Wide access double doors and natural wood exterior compliment the main building and mean wheel chairs and other equipment can be easily stored. Whilst it has a wooden exterior, it is solidly built has electrical charging points and now has shelving built by our maintenance coordinator…the maintenance workshop is also now insulated, powered up and a hub of activity.



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