Ace of Space – Care, freedom and opportunity

To offer the care, freedom and opportunity to the people we look after, we are reminded that everything we do has an impact on the people we care for: the decor, the company administration, as well as the care itself. But to offer the correct operating systems to support the care we need space. Space for admin and management is limited, and whilst we are fundraising for The Wellbeing and Activities Centre, we still need to be more space efficient.

You may have noticed offices are being redesigned with new desks to accommodate staff and provide adequate secure storage so we are fit for the future. Some staff are keen to use their own IT equipment which has saved money, all helping in our drive for efficiency and compliance.

Investing in our health and safety is key to ensuring we have the best support systems in place to care for residents. We have finally got high speed broadband in Barcombe which means changes ahead for every organisation based here. It means we can access a much greater range of online tools and facilities. In our case this means we have been looking to move towards a more paperless office and using more ‘cloud’ based systems for office and business administration.


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