Goldcliff Garden Centre Lewes in great Thyme

Goldcliff Garden Centre Lewes

We are very grateful to Goldcliff Garden Centre for donating some Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender plants to brighten up the front grounds of local charity the Bevern Trust at Bevern View. Matthew and Liz Hicks who manage Goldcliff Garden Centre in Lewes have been very generous and supportive, providing expert help in making sure we have the right plants for the soil we have and the south facing area of where we are in Barcombe.

Local businesses like Goldcliff Garden Centre Lewes supporting a local charity, The Bevern Trust makes a big difference.

Helping to make the home at Bevern View a lovely place to live for the residence, all with profound disabilities.

Goldcliff Garden Centre Lewes in good Thyme

Goldcliff Garden Centre Lewes in great Thyme

Goldcliff Garden Centre brighten up Bevern View

The entrance at Bevern View in Barcombe has been given a real lift with the plants donated. It means that on arrival, residents, parents, carers, staff and visitors will immediately see that the sensory environment created at the front of the home carries right through the entire home. In order to maintain the homely appearance of Bevern View and the gardens here, we are always looking for people who love to spend time in the garden and give a few hours of their free time to tend to the plants and flowers here. If you would like to volunteer, you can get in touch directly on 01273 400752 or see further details on our Do-It page.

As a charity, The Bevern Trust aspires to a time when every parent with a disabled child has a place like Bevern View that they can trust, where care, family and love come first, every day.

Thanks to Matthew and Liz Hicks for their support.

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