Maria Caulfield Lewes MP

Maria Caulfield Lewes MP visits Bevern View

Maria Caulfield Lewes MP made her inaugural House of Commons address this week after recently being elected local MP for Lewes. Maria Caulfield Conservative, took time out of her busy schedule to visit The Bevern Trust and hear more about how we care for profoundly disabled young adults at Bevern View.

Maria Caulfield will help to raise our profile

Maria Caulfield MP spoke about her NHS nursing background and was particularly interested in talking to staff and residents, getting to understand the fundraising challenges that The Bevern Trust face. Maria is happy to support us by helping to raise our profile and highlight the need to raise money to give more to people with complex needs. Check out the Sussex Express article here.

Maria Caulfield Lewes MP

Maria Caulfield Lewes MP

Maria Caulfield Lewes MP

During a Hydrotherapy session at Bevern View, Maria was keen to hear from physio staff and carers about the freedom, relaxation and sense of well-being the warm water gives to people. To maintain the Hydrotherapy pool, costs the charity £5000 each year which we need to raise from voluntary income. You can help by donating here.

Maria, Lewes MP said, “The welcome I received was incredibly warm, I got a real sense of family and with my nursing experience I can see why the parents and carers need a loving home like this to care for their children and young adults 24 hours a day. The Bevern Trust need to raise £5000 to fund the pool at Bevern View, directly benefiting residents and respite users.”

Thank you for visiting us Maria Caulfield and for your interest and support for The Bevern Trust, we all look forward to seeing you again soon.

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