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Newsletter March 2016 Bevern Trust

Bevern Newsletter March 2016

You can download a copy by clicking on the download at the base of this article

Please click below to download our latest newsletter & magazine, ‘Bevern’ The Bevern Trust newsletter you can get a hard copy by dropping by Bevern View in Barcombe or we can send one to you: donations welcome. ‘Bevern’ tells you a little of what we do, of the great people we have working for us and the incredible people we look after.  There is a informative central article about people with profound disabilities and how we define ‘profound’.

As we move into spring we have some exciting projects planned in our desire to reach out to more people with profound disabilities. We hope you will continue to help and support us with your time and donations. The Bevern Trust newsletter is a way of keeping you in touch with some of the thing we do and have planned and hopefully an encouragement to get more involved.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter.


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    Latest news from The Bevern Trust, March 2016

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