Hurst College Dig Deep

Hurst College Pupils Dig Deep for The Bevern Trust.

Pupils from Hurst College dig deep and spend the day tidying up, weeding and cutting back plants that had grown up recently due to the heavy rain. 14 pupils and two staff set about working on the grounds and quickly started to transform the gardens and smartening up the pathways. Splitting in to groups, Hurst pupils had their own areas to work on and could all see the difference they had made by the end of the day.

Hurst College pupils masters of motivation.

Everyone on the Hurst Community Action Day spent time understanding the importance of The Bevern Trust and were keen to learn more about the charity. Knowing that Bevern View – a home for profoundly disabled people was actually a home for life to nine people, all with complex needs, inspired them all to get going and the pupils were highly motivated. As with everyone’s home, people at Bevern View want their home to look smart and welcoming. The Hurst College pupils certainly took this on board and really focussed on the detail – getting up every last weed!

Hurst College Pupils

Pupils from Hurst College dig deep for The Bevern Trust

Hurst College pupils learn about profound disability

Not only did Hurst College pupils make a huge difference to the gardens and pathways around Bevern View but four of the pupils also spent time in the lounge reading to residents. Stories and pictures are great ways of interacting with people who have limited communication. The people we care for have no language but do do communicate in a range of different ways. Some hurst pupils were able to experience this first hand and see the emotion and smiles on the faces that reading evokes for people with complex needs.

Hurst Pupils

Pupils from Hurst College dig deep for The Bevern Trust

If your school would like to come and help for a community action day with The Bevern Trust, information about work experience, or you would like us to come and talk at your school about disability and particularly inclusion and tolerance, please email or call 01273 400752.

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