Could you donate a ride on lawn mower

Its a strange request, but we need a ride on lawnmower, we don’t care how old or the condition as long as it works. Do you know someone who is downsizing their house or maybe upgrading their ‘ride-on’ and has one they could donate.
We are at the beginning of a new project and you could help.
Our new site that we hope to develop soon, for people with profound disabilities, has a very large unkempt garden that we spent all of the past two days clearing with our marvellous volunteers. However we need to keep the grounds maintained and the easiest way would be to use an old ride on mower to keep everything under control.
Help us help people with profound disabilities, your old ride on lawnmower can make a real difference right now. Our aim is to give families coping with profound disabilities hope and reassurance. Some times this starts with the smallest thing like cutting the grass.

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