Taking the time out, time just to be still

Time to be still with profoundly disabled people

We organise a varied activity program at Bevern View, based on the interests and needs of the individuals we care for. Our activities could be simply to entertain, to maintain skills, or to encourage independence, offer new experiences and opportunities. By matching activities with unique personalities, we help people learn new skills, supporting our residents in their physical and communication needs, exploring culture, community and religion.

However, we also recognise it is also important to take time out, to be still and have peace. Tim, our activities coordinator pictured on the left below, takes time out with our residents to enjoy some peace, calm and stillness. We all live increasingly busy lives and it is easy to get carried away with the increasing number of things we feel have to do.

Sussex Disability Charity taking the time to be still Taking the time out, time just to be still IMG 6343

Taking the time out to be still with profoundly disabled people

The profoundly disabled people we care for are just like everyone else, when things get too busy and we have been out and about, rushing around, we all need a quiet 20 minutes or half an hour to take a breather, reflect, taking the time to be still.

Volunteers who help and the funds we raise all have a big impact on the people we care for. Our supporters help us provide the variety of activities, the quiet times, the space for reflection and sometimes, just taking the time to be still. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved and volunteer you can email info@beverntrust.org or call 01273 021241 and you can donate here.

Thanks for your support.

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