Need #MondayMotivation ?

Need some Monday Motivation? Look no further.

It’s Monday, four days until Friday… At our home Bevern View, we don’t get the Monday blues. Our #MondayMotivation comes easily as we help profoundly disabled people to live their lives to the full. Every day of the week is a motivator for our staff and volunteers.

As a Sussex Disability Charity, The Bevern Trust recognises that to give the best care, we need to look after our staff, not just on Mondays, but every day of the year! Feeding all our staff and volunteers 365 days of the year is just one of that ways we do that. Today, Jason is cooking a delicious macaroni cheese for all the residents and staff at Bevern View. #MondayMotivation with positive Monday thoughts.

Sussex Disability Charity #mondaymotivation Need #MondayMotivation ? Kitchen March 2018


The menus at Bevern View are carefully designed by our creative Cook Sue, with the needs and complex dietary requirements of all our residents at its heart.

Meal times are special moments for all of us, but at Bevern View, we take the time to sit and eat together and make sure that we all have the opportunity to catch up, chat about our day and talk to our residents about the afternoon’s activities ahead. Great types of motivation.

 We estimate that each year our cooks and volunteers prepare and serve around 10,000 meals each year!


Like our Facebook Page or email us to find out about the different ways you can help and get involved. To donate, please click here. A small gift of just £5 per month could help us provide all the ingredients for a fun, creative food activity, where our residents can join in, get messy with food and enjoy the sensory stimulation and stress-relieving joy that cooking brings with it.

Thanks so much for your support.

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