Rebound Therapy | Reduce Pain & Strengthen Muscles

Rebound Therapy | Reduce Pain & Strengthen Muscles

For James, and many other residents at our care home Bevern View near Lewes, Rebound Therapy is a vital physical therapy which is designed to develop and promote fine motor skills, body awareness and communication.

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Physiotherapist Steve, practices Rebound Therapy with James

Our specialist Physio team work with residents, parents and carers to give person-centred therapy that helps profoundly disabled people improve their balance, coordination and independence. Most of all, Rebound Therapy exercises are fun and bring a huge smile to the faces of all our residents and their families.

Expert Steve Southwell – Physiotherapist supported by Physio Assistants Katy and Alissa work together on a series of programs with Rebound Therapy equipment that benefit all our residents who live with highly complex needs – with ways to reduce pain and strengthen muscles.

The well-being, self-confidence and sense of achievement residents feel, are incredibly relaxing for the people we care for. Because almost all the residents at Bevern View use powered wheelchairs, muscle development and strengthening is an important part of their daily activities. For James, Rebound Therapy techniques to develop eye contact and strengthening of neck muscles can really improve his well-being and quality of life. 

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Steve helps JP with movement and well-being

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