J.G.Wilkins Bevern Community Champions

Jonathan Wilkins and The Bevern Trust’s Elizabeth Lang

Over the festive period Christmas tree collection was carried out by J.G. Wilkins Forestry, Estate & Garden 
in aid of the Bevern Trust.

They collected tress in the following 
areas…Newick, Chailey, Fletching, Piltdown, Maresfield, Spithurst, 
Barcombe and all areas in between.

There was a minimum donation £5 per tree, but many people gave more .

In total they picked up 98 trees and raised a massive £700.

The Bevern Trust would like to say a massive thank you to Jonathan and Team who are truly Bevern Community Champions .

Could you be a Bevern Community Champion?

In what ways could you fundraise for us ? Get in touch with your ideas : elizabeth.lang@beverntrust.org

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