Bevern Care

Bevern Care

Bevern Care is a new project to  offer Domicillary Care to families caring for someone with a profound disability or highly complex needs. In east Sussex alone there are over 2000 families caring for a loved one with a profound disability and not being able to access the respite that domicilliary care can bring.

Bevern Care will offer that repsite but alos a link with an organisation that wants every disabled person to be able to live life to the full

Compassionate care, with high quality person-centred care involivng the whole family and everyone important to a clients care.

Safety and security care that offers reassurance, that safety and security are improtatn to all of us especially those made vulnerable by profound disabilities.

A Christian Ethos, we were founded by and uphold Christain values that demonstrate that everyone has the right to live life in abundance.

Everyone has a success story to live, everyting we do is based on each persons strengths, weknesses and gifts, so that through care, everyone can reach teir full potential.


The Bevern Care project is in the stages before start up, if you would like to find out more or understand when we will be able to offer care for you then call Rob Ixer or Ashly sarsons on 01273 021246