Bevern View

Our first Care home Bevern View was founded by parents in 1999 in response to concerns at the lack of facilities for young people with complex needs. It aimed to provide a home for young people for as long as they choose to live there and to ensure their lives were fulfilling.

A Christian Ethos; We were founded by and uphold Christian values which demonstrate that everyone has the right to live life in abundance.

Originally part of a 2 care home project with another in Hastings, Bevern View was transferred to the Bevern Trust in 2004. The Trust recognises the need for residential centres for young people when they can no longer live at home.

At Bevern View are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about disability. We offer love, care, freedom and opportunity allowing profoundly disabled people to get more from life.

Bevern view is part of The Bevern Trust  a Registered Charity that works to support young adults with profound learning disabilities, to research and develop new areas of support and campaign for a greater awareness of disability and its impact.

Compassionate care is at the centre of Bevern View.and our plans for Domiciliary Care – Bevern Care. Everything we do is based on each person’s strengths and gifts, whilst involving the most important people in their lives. As a charity we aspire to a time when every parent with a disabled child has services in place that offer love and support.

Those with complex needs, like all young people, reach the point where they need greater degree of independence from their families, and should be helped to achieve this independence, however profound their disability.
To do this they need our help and support.

The Bevern Trust has been part of our lives now for nine years. It has an amazing dedicated team of staff who provide a caring safe environment where our son James can feel safe and secure and more importantly loved.”


“Bevern View the trust care home takes away a lot of the anxiety and worry that comes with caring for a disabled young person 24/7 be they a resident or a respite users. As well as taking good care of James the staff also provide encouraging support for us as a family”

(Sandra – a parent of one of our residents)

Parents and carers of people who are profoundly disabled often reach a point where they are exhausted and cannot care for them indefinitely at home, but do so at risk to themselves because there is no alternative.

We aim to provide that alternative.

Bevern View is constantly reviewing its performance and looking for opportunities to improve. Bevern View is part of an organisation that has strived to grow and expand and has undergone a number of changes in the last 2 years. We have invested heaviliy in staff, Administrative structures -Such as IT- and care facilities. As  an improving progressive care home we were disappointed with but welcome the latest CQC report. We have recognised our weaknesses and already made improvements  and changes in line with CQC requests.

Our aim  is outstanding care, by recognising our strengths and weaknesses, seeking to improve, offering transparency and safety we beleive we can build an organisation that offers caring services that can reach out to more diabled people and offers support to them and thier families.