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Christ Church Lewes support The Bevern Trust

Christ Church in Lewes selected The Bevern Trust as their local charity of the year in 2017 which has raised a wonderful £1200 so far. We would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported The Bevern Trust from the Church, it is very much appreciated.

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Jonathan Spencer from The Bevern Trust with Lindsay Frost and Rev. Peter Rayson from Christ Church, Lewes.

On Sunday 9th July, Jonathan Spencer, Chief Executive of the charity was invited to the Service at Christ Church to talk to the congregation about the The Bevern Trust and explain how their fundraising and support has such a positive impact on the lives of the profoundly disabled people in Sussex that we care for.

The Bevern Trust must raise at least £12,000 each month to allow people with profound disabilities to live their lives in abundance. As a charity, we ensure each person we support has real choice and control over the care they need to achieve their goals, to live a fulfilling life and stay in contact with their family and the local community. We rely on the local community to raise the vital funds we need to do this and so we are delighted to have the support from Christ Church in Lewes this year.

If your Church or community group choose a local charity to support each year, The Bevern Trust would be the perfect match and can clearly demonstrate the positive impact of giving back to your local community. You can call 01273 021241 or email for details of how your support can provide life-changing support for people in Sussex who live with the most complex needs, every day.

Barn Dance for Bevern View

Do-si-do down to Barcombe Village Hall on Friday 19 June at 7.30pm for a charity Barn Dance with fabulous live music from Skinner’s Rats and all profits going to The Bevern Trust.

A delicious Ploughman’s supper is included and a cash bar is available as well as traditional fete games and a raffle, all helping to raise money for people with profound disabilities at Bevern View.

Organised by the Friends of Bevern View, tickets are just £18.00 per person so don’t miss out, call 01273 400752 or email today to reserve your tickets.

If a Barn Dance isn’t your thing, you can still support The Bevern Trust and help the Friends of Bevern View fundraising and donate here.

A Sensory Garden

sensory garden could provide outside space in which, Residents of Bevern View in Barcombe, East Sussex  could spend precious time with their families. Right now thats impossible because there is no outside garden space they can use.

Our Cause

People with profound disabilities at Bevern View will feel an immediate benefit from a new sensory garden in which they can experience person-centred care with the freedom of being connected to the natural world. An area of tarmac and concrete (25m x 15m) is in urgent need of revitalising to give our residents a more positive and pleasurable environment in which to live.

Your Help

As a charity ,The Bevern Trust need your help to raise an estimated £46,700 to transform this area in to a garden of both tranquility and stimulation for people with complex needs.


Planning & survey and removal of hardstanding and tarmac:………………………………………………………£ 8750
Design and prepare foundations for a garden allowing access for all and reinforcing boundary wall: .£ 4350
Foundations, materials (sensory garden plants) and labour:……………………………………………………….£26,000
Furniture and sheltered areas for carers and families, sensory garden materials,
water feature and replacement fence:………………………………………………………………………………………£ 7600
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Total:   £46,700

Help us transform this area in to a space for our residents to enjoy and spend precious moments with family and friends.

We aim to secure funding for the sensory garden through grant making organisations but it is anticipated that we will need to raise at least £16,000 through voluntary donations.

To donate and for more information visit or call 01273 400752

Impact on Bevern View

Bevern View provides a loving home for nine people with profound disabilities and two beds for vital respite care.

Our vision is to create an environment where residents have more opportunity and freedom to access outside space, something which many of us take for granted.
A specifically designed garden will play an important role in helping our residents improve motor skills, encourage communication and stimulate

sensory awareness.

Outcome for Residents

  • –  The sensory garden will support residents and their families in having the opportunity to enjoy a closer connection to nature
  • –  Provide visual and tangible elements that they might feel, taste the food we could grow, and flowers they can smell and see
  • –  A sensory garden will give the residents of
    Bevern View a place where they feel safe and secure
  • –  Encouraging interaction with each other and the wider community by engaging more volunteers and businesses to support the project


To donate and for more information visit or call 01273 400752


Boring storage at Bevern View

Boring storage? You might think so, but it has been long awaited and helps us keep the home clear and equipment in good order. Allowing us to focus on the people we care for.

After securing funding and planning permission for building a storage unit in 2013, we are very pleased to see this has now been completed by Geoff Bonner and Sons. The work has gone well and finished on time.This means the temporary blue storage container can be removed in April and clear the area where we are planning our sensory garden.

We now have a warm, dry and secure unit to store vital equipment for residents. Wide access double doors and natural wood exterior compliment the main building and mean wheel chairs and other equipment can be easily stored. Whilst it has a wooden exterior, it is solidly built has electrical charging points and now has shelving built by our maintenance coordinator…the maintenance workshop is also now insulated, powered up and a hub of activity.



Bevern Trust – Our Staff

At The Bevern Trust, our staff are the essential fuel that keeps things running, yes they are trained, professional and focussed but without their love, dedication, commitment and loving care we could not provide the amazing services or offer the opportunity for fun we know everyone with a profound disability deserves.

Our care staff deserve our praise and need your support, many of them give up their own time to give more.

At Bevern View,  our home in the Sussex countryside, we offer care, freedom and the opportunity to get more from life for the profoundly disabled. It is our belief  that our residents should have access to the best quality compassionate care, personal development and live a life that puts a smile on their face and leaves them with a sense of fulfilment. Every day our activities, communications, housekeeping, clinical, care-support and managerial teams work to ensure we offer the best services and the most interesting fulfilling activities. That’s where the staff come in.

The Bevern Trust, as a charity, needs your help, not just to ensure we offer the best in compassionate care, or that our home provides a fulfilling life for our residents, or that our research and development looks into services to support the families of people with profound disabilities, but because together we can change peoples lives.

The Bevern Trust ‘s message is that everyone with a profound disability has a success story to live. To make a difference to the lives of the residents of Bevern View and the people who work there we want to be able to continue to provide a living caring environment where the residents are at the centre of everything we do. So we need your help, for just £10 per month you can make the difference.

We want you to know your donation will mean a lot to our staff and the people they care for.


Funds will be applied at the discretion of the Trustees in accordance with the aims of the charity.

Bevern View: Springtime brings fresh colour

There are some exciting developments in the Bevern Trust and at Bevern View. I am pleased to say that our recent audit from an ex Care Quality Commission Inspector was positive. Our standards of care were held in high regard, however, the standard of decoration and administration systems that support our care, were identified as in need of improvement. We have already begun working on these to meet stringent CQC standards for any official inspection.
Along with the hard work of staff, and their commitment to Bevern View, Ashly has created the necessary Improvement Plan to document essential changes, now overseen by our Clinical Governance Committee.
The creation of a more homely environment has resulted in positive feedback about the refurbishment and I have really enjoyed seeing the transformation take place. We have also invested in essential IT systems and high speed broadband in further efforts to improve efficiency and establish new ways of working.
The money we have invested has mostly come from managerial/staff restructuring and our strategy is in place to raise more money and work with more volunteers to raise our profile for the benefit of all our residents.
I believe we have made positive steps for The Bevern Trust’s future and to support the loving care we provide at Bevern View.