A Guest Speaker from a Sussex Disability Charity

h3>A Guest Speaker from A Sussex Disability Charity


“Are you looking for a guest speaker, for your club, group, conference, school or college. Then You have come to the right place.

At The Bevern Trust we are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about disability.

Prejudicial attitudes toward disabled people and, indeed against all minority groups are not inherited. They are learned through contact with the prejudice and ignorance of others. To challenge this we must begin by talking, listening, laughing and learning.

Our Chief Executive Jonathan Spencer talks to groups in a new, exciting and interesting way, involving you and making discussions and questions about disability meaningful, so everyone can engage with and understand the impact disability can have.

As well as leading the Bevern Trust, a charity offering more from life to people with profound disabilities, he has personal experience of disability in his own family.

Jonathan talks openly about the impact disability has on families as well as individuals and confronts prejudice in a humorous and moving way.”

Garden Volunteer

Down to earth charity speaker