A New Bevern minibus

Bevern Trust need a new Minibus

The Bevern Trust are fundraising to replace a specially adapted Minibus. We need to give people with profound disabilities access to medical appointments and activities in their community.

Our Cause

People with profound disabilities at Bevern View will feel an immediate benefit from a new minibus.

Having the freedom to travel and visit friends or family is something that most of us take for granted. However, our residents rely on specially adapted vehicles to take a trip to the doctor, visit a friend or join an education session.

Bevern View is in a quiet rural location that offers a calm and beautiful environment. To offer a fulfilling and active life to all our residents, we need to be able to transport them to different venues and events.

This is why our specialist minibuses are so important. A new and better equipped minibus would make life more interesting for all our residents.

Your Help

We need your help to raise an estimated £50,000 to replace our specially adapted minibus.

We aim to secure some funding through grant making organisations but it is anticipated that we will need to raise at least £10,000 through voluntary donations.

To donate call 01273 400752 and ask for Matthew Cornish or clcik on the button below.


 Help us provide people with profound disabilities essential transport and keep the smile on everyones face.

Impact on Bevern View

Bevern View provides a loving home for nine people with profound disabilities and two beds for vital respite care.

Most of our residents use large motorised wheel chairs which take up more space. They are all accompanied by carers and volunteers and so we need at least two minibuses so that everyone may have the opportunity to travel and access their community.

Outcome for Residents

  • –  Residents and their families will have the opportunity to enjoy everyday pleasures such as a visit to see friends or a trip to the beach
  • –  More residents will be able to experience a fulfilling life and have new experiences
  • –  A new minibus will mean greater reliability and provide greater possibilities for our residents
  • –  Encouraging interaction with each other and the wider community by engaging more volunteer drivers and businesses to support the project

Help us give  all our residents, the opportunity to travel and experience new sights and sounds.


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