Bevern Care – A New Domiciliary Service

Bevern Care – Domiciliary Care for Sussex

There are over 2000 families in East Sussex alone caring for a child or adult at home with profound disabilities, our intention is to reach and support these families. To do this we need your help.

We need to use the skills we have built up over the last 17 years and our caring ethos to ensure we provide a quality service to people at home.

To do this we need to create a sustainable and new model for Domicilliary care for people with highly complex needs. We need to fund everythig from administrative equipment, to uniforms, from computers to protective gloves and aprons.

  • A regular gift of just £5 per month would support the recruitment of one member of staff
  • A gift of £20 would purchase a set of disposable protective gloves and aprons for one support worker for a week.
  • A gift of £100 would go towards a diagnostic iPad, £500 would buy the iPad
  • A gift of £300 would pay for a recuitment ad.

Larger gifts would supply hardware and software, provide startup costs for admin staff and care workers.

No one should have to struggle to provide for someone with a profoud disability, you can help ease the way and make the difference.

Please help us reach out to 4000 families across sussex today.


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