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We offer love, care, freedom and opportunity for profoundly disabled people and their families to get more from life. We are The Bevern Trust, We are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about disability. Care, family and love come first, every day.

You can help create a big smile in the sunshine. Mathews smile could light up a room and a smile on Matthews face was important to us.

With your donations our funding can allow us to give everyone we care for the life experiences and everyday pleasures as simple as a puppet show or an ice cream on the beach, things that we might take for granted.  Even though life can be shorter for the profoundly disabled people we care for, that smile makes life worthwhile. We were only able to do this with the help of and support of  your generosity with donations and the active support of volunteers.

Residents and their families are at the centre of everything we do. Our commitment to profoundly disabled people means we see them not through their problems, health needs or in terms of their disabilities but as a person of their potential and possibility and even their hobbies.  Residents see Bevern View not just as ‘a home’ but as their home. We still need your help to give each of our residents and their families the opportunities and freedom to get more from life.

Smiles are catching. Everyone at Bevern View receives the best quality compassionate care, personal development and a life that puts a smile on their faces every day.

When you Donate it is important to us that your donation is applied to the purpose of this project. However, any funds surplus to this project will be applied at the discretion of the Trustees in accordance with the aims of the charity.

Every one of the profoundly disabled people we care for at our home, Bevern view, deserves the life experiences that will bring a smile to their face and you can help.

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