Donor Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations Support The Bevern Trust

The Bevern Trust relies on the support of national, local and private charitable trusts and foundations.

This support is vital not only in contributing to our ongoing costs, but also in providing essential funding for new service developments, for capital or equipment needs. Each and every grant we receive makes a real difference in helping us deliver the best possible care and opportunities for the people we care for.

Here are some illustrations of the kind of areas of our services that have been kindly funded through grant-making trusts:



The Bevern Trust is a Registered Charity that works to support young adults with profound learning disabilities and their families, to research and develop new areas of support and campaign for a greater awareness of disability and its impact.

The Bevern Trust aims to offer Improved standards of care and ensure that people with disabilities can live truly active and fulfilling lives, in an environment where they can feel safe, are loved and are offered compassionate care.